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Whats happening this year

So… Whats on the agenda for the new year. Well at the end of last year we introduced the Rw800 WiFi thermostats. Which we have held off for a number of years for the pure and simple reason that we believe if we are selling it has to work ! and it’s taken...
Merry Christmas From Roma Heating

Merry Christmas From Roma Heating

Merry Christmas From Roma Heating It’s that time of year again. On behalf of the Roma Heating team, we would like to thank all our customers. It’s been an amazing year with some interesting designs and developments. producing some amazing and unexpected results. So...

How To Install Underfloor Heating?

Installing Underfloor Heating Underfloor heating is super easy to install. But like most things in life require particular specifications to achieve the perfect result. And these specifications are usually determined by the floor covering. So let’s start with...