In Screed Heating Cable

The most powerful In screed Heating Cable available. Our Inscreed cable offers 18w per linear metre and is installed very similar to a water based system.

The benefits of choosing an electric In screed heating cable is they are far cheaper and efficient than the water based equivalent, with far quicker warm up times and instant response when your heating is turned on.

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In screed Heating Cable Under All Floor Coverings.

The In screed heating cable can be installed under any floor covering, as long as it is embedded in a minimum of 50mm screed. This makes it a perfect option for new build or extension projects, when the final flooring is yet to be decided. It is easy to manipulate, making it easy in awkward shapes and running around corners. To drastically increase the response and efficiency of the In screed heating cable, it should be laid directly on to a celotex or kingspan insulation within your sub floor. Alternatively we recommend our cement coated tile backer boards, or XPS hard thermal boards to be laid beneath the wire.

The cable is easy to lay, and comes with high adhesion fibre tape, to aid the installer when positioning the wire. It can be installed in any area of your home or workplace, including wet rooms. The heating cable comes with a step by step instructions guide, including an equation to work out your exact wire spacing. The In screed heating cable is backed up with a full 15-year manufacturers warranty.

As a primary heat source we recommend a floor coverage of at least 90%.Our In screed heating cable offers 18w per linear metre and can be spaced as close as 70mm within your sub floor (providing approximately 260w/per sqm where the wire is positioned beneath.

In Screed Heating Cable Features.

  • ·Ultra Powerful & durable heating cable.
  • ·Easy and quick to lay, (No maintenance required).
  • ·Full 15-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • ·Suitable under virtually all floor coverings.

In Screed Heating Cable Technical Specification.

  • ·Operating Voltage 230/240V 50Hz.
  • ·Output Rating 18watts/Lm.
  • ·Double insulated and earthed elements.
  • ·3m long cold/connection tails.


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