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How to install underfloor heating

How to install underfloor heating!


Roma Heating Warranty and fitting instructions. Where you should find all the information you need. On how to install underfloor heating. However, if you are still having any issues. That the instructions don’t cover. You can always give us a call and one of our technical advisors will be happy to help.

Page 1 + 2, Index & Q&A
Page 3 + 4 , Loose Wire Installation
Page 5 + 6, Heat Mat Installation
Page 7 + 8, Heat Foil Mat Installation
Page 9 + 10, Heat Film Installation
Page 11 + 12, In screed Cable Installation
Page 13 + 14, Hard Insulation boards
Page 15 + 16, Tile Backer Insulation boards
Page 17 + 18, Impact Plus Insulation & Q&A



RD600 Digital Thermostat

RD600 Digital Thermostat instructions are our latest instructions on the upgraded digital thermostat range. Still very similar to its predecessor the RD500 (please see below).

T700 Touch Screen Thermostat

T700 Touch Screen Thermostat instructions. One of our latest additions to the thermostat range. with excellent build quality.

D500 Digital Thermostat

D500 Digital Thermostat instructions. Recently upgraded to the D600 but just in case you need it. It’s all here for you.

Colour Touch Screen Thermostat

Colour Touch Screen Thermostat instructions. Our most advanced thermostat with all the bells and whistles.

RW800 WIFI Thermostat

RW800 Wifi thermostat perfect for those on the go. The Wifi thermostat will connect to your thermostat from any wifi in the world.

Roma Underfloor Heating

Roma Heating also provide you with trained staff to help you with any other technical issues you may be having, However, the installation manuals above provide a comprehensive guide to technical and installation issues.