So… Whats on the agenda for the new year. Well at the end of last year we introduced the Rw800 WiFi thermostats. Which we have held off for a number of years for the pure and simple reason that we believe if we are selling it has to work ! and it’s taken till this point to prove itself. And as an added bonus the WiFi thermostats even work with the amazon Alexa. So that’s one big item on the agenda is letting everyone know about the capabilities of the WiFi thermostat. And seeing how much further the advancements in this technology can go.

RW800 WiFi Thermostats

  • No Hub required
  • WiFi compatible
  • Alexa compatible
  • Controlled either from the thermostat
  • Or via the warmme app


We would also like to hear from our valued customers what they looking for and if and how our services can be improved if at all! Where also working on making the entire process a little easier for you. From choosing your electric underfloor heating. To paying for them, tracking them and ultimately installing them.