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Cookies are small text files stored on your computer or device. When you access most websites on the internet. By using our website you agree to the use of cookies as described in this Cookie Policy.

Currently on www.romaheating.co.uk we make use of cookies. To help manage our website, make our website easier to use. And navigate and support the acquisition of relevant information. And functionality to improve the visitor’s experience. As well as provide us with information about how our website is used. so that we can make sure it is as up-to-date, relevant and as error free as we can make it.

Cookies set across our website (whether set by our 3rd party partners or us). Can be in the form of session cookies (lasting only as long as your visit to our website). Or persistent cookies and may use different technologies, such as JavaScript or Flash.

You can choose to manage the cookies we use on our website. Through your internet browser settings at any time. For more information about how to do this. And about cookies in general, you can visit http://www.allaboutcookies.org. Certain cookies may be set as soon as you visit our website. but you can remove them using your internet browser settings.

Turning cookies off.

Please note that preventing cookies on your computer or devices. Will impact on the functionality or performance of our website. And will prevent you from using certain services provided through it. If you choose to do so. We cannot guarantee access to the services provided through our website. Or be sure how our website will perform during your visit. Doing so will also affect our ability to update our website. To cater for user preferences and improve its performance.

If you have any further questions. Or would like any further clarification around our use of cookies. Or wish to discuss how we are embracing online privacy. Please email us at sales@romaheating.co.uk

Use of flash files.

Across our website we make the utmost effort not to use flash files. instead, opt to use html5 animation processes. Which can offer a richer online experience.

However, Adobe offers a tool to monitor. Prevent and remove ‘flash cookies’ – more information is available at:


Further Information.

Further general information about cookies is available at http://www.allaboutcookies.org.

For further information about Google Analytics please see http://www.google.com/analytics/learn/privacy.html

To prevent tracking by Google Analytics across all websites visit http://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout.

If you would like further information about the cookies used in relation to YouTube videos. The YouTube privacy notice, including details about YouTube related cookies. Are available at http://www.youtube.com/t/privacy.

If you would like to find out more about advertising networks and affiliate programmes. And how cookies are used for these purposes. Please visit http://www.youronlinechoices.co.uk This is an information portal. Which is run by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB). The trade association for digital advertising, and will provide you will all the information you need to know about online behavioral advertising and the choices available to you.

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