Duo Overlay 0.72m2 pack

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Our duo overlay is apprised of two 3mm staggered layers of hardboard, primarily used for installing the 200w film or 150w foil system under vinyl flooring. The quantity of board you order represents the square meterage.


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Duo Overlay

Our duo overlay board packs. Compromises of two layers of 3mm thick hardboard. Making the total height only 6mm. The rise in the floor really isn’t much. each covering a square meter-age of 0.72 sqm. The overlay board is laid in a brick work staggered fashion. This improves the overall strength, and the rigidity of the combination of overlay boards. And it also reduces the, minimal chances of any liquids. Might find there way through the flooring. And onto your underfloor heating system.

Designed for use with.

200w Film System

you can install 200w film systems under a vinyl floor coverings. With the overlay over the top of the heating system. Duo overlay

150w Foil System

you can install 150w Foil mats under a vinyl floor covering with the overlay over the top of the heating system. Duo overlay

XPS Hard insulation board

we would highly recommended. The XPS insulation foam boards when you are fitting the heating system. Under a vinyl floor covering. Duo overlay


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