Backer Board Pro Fibre Reinforced Full Cement Backer Boards

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Backer Board Pro Fibre Reinforced Full Cement Backer Boards

Are perfect for internal or external use on floors, walls or ceilings. These boards can be used as a direct replacement for both plywood and plasterboard. All boards are A1 fire rated, with both mould and water-resistant properties. When fitting these boards peace of mind is guaranteed due to their extreme dimensional stability, huge strength, and ability to withstand the harshest and wettest of environments.

Fitting/Cutting Advice

Backer Board Pro Fibre Reinforced Full Cement Backer Boards can but cut by scoring the surface in a straight line and then snapping the board along that line much like plasterboard. Alternatively, the board can be cut like plywood using a woodworking saw. We highly recommend using a dust extractor if using mechanical saws to minimise any dust created.

When fitting these boards to a floor wall or ceiling the boards can also be treated much like plasterboard or plywood and screwed, glued, drylined, or taped as you would do with plasterboard or plywood. Please note the exact fitting process will depend upon the location of the boards, the surface the boards are being fitted over, and the final covering being applied to the surface of the abords. Please feel free to contact our technical department to discuss your project.

Additional Information

Where Can I fit these boards – These are multi-use boards so almost anywhere!

Backer Board Pro Fibre Reinforced Full Cement Backer Boards can be fitted almost anywhere due to their ability to withstand hot, cold wet, or dry environments. They are extremely tough and hard-wearing and have almost unparalleled dimensional stability for a sheet building material. They can be used in a wide range of applications from lining a fireplace ready for a wood burner or in a wet room bathroom ready to be tiled over.

We would however suggest 6mm boards are only used over solid floors or walls if only one skin is being installed. If you are screwing the boards back to wall studs or ceiling we suggest using 9mm or 12mm boards as these provide greater rigidity, strength, and sound proofing characteristics. For maximum strength, rigidity, and soundproofing we suggest installing a 6 – 12mm layer first followed by a staggered 12mm 2nd layer of boards. This helps to seal all joints and will provide much greater strength, rigidity, and sound and fireproofing characteristics.

Benefits of Fibre Reinforced Full Cement Backer Boards

  • Easy to carry and handle 1200 x 800mm x 6mm / 9mm / 12mm board sizes
  • Suitable for Wet, Dry, Humid, Hot or Cold environments
  • Suitable for Internal or external use
  • Non-combustible, A1 fire rated
  • Not affected by mould or water
  • Easy to store and work with
  • Can be fitted in place with flexible tile adhesive, screwed, taped even drylined
  • High Sound insulation and Shock resistance
  • Can accept virtually any covering including, paint – tiles – stone – plaster – render – screed – cladding to name a few. Please refer to the specific covering manufacturers guidance for more information on the application of each covering

Additional information

Board Size

1200 x 800mm

Board Thickness

6mm, 9mm, 12mm

Board Quantity

75 Boards, 100 Boards, 150 Boards

Board Weight

6mm: 10kg
9mm: 15kg
12mm: 19kg

Board Colour

Light Grey

Fire Rating

GB 8624-2006 Grade A
BS 476-4 Grade A,
CE EN 12467: 2012 Grade A1

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