Tile Backer Board Insulation

Tile backer insulation boards are designed for use directly under tile and stone floors. When used with underfloor heating the board greatly increases the response rate and overall efficiency of all under floor heating systems. These boards are especially effective when installed over a concrete sub floor. Each board is 1200 x 600mm (0.72sqm).

If applying boards to a wooden sub floor or wall joists then we can also supply the cement board washers.

RRP From: £10.98

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Underfloor Heating Tile Backer Board Insulation!

Tile Backer Board Insulation

We recommend insulating your sub floor both wooden and concrete sub floors. however, this is especially necessary on a concrete sub floor with underfloor heating installed. As the concrete will drain the heat from your underfloor heating downwards. and require heating X mm of concrete before heating your room. However, this can be avoided, with our low-cost Tile Backer Board which will increase the efficiency of your underfloor heating system. And reduce your overall heating bill.

The tile backer boards measure 1200 x 600mm.

  • High thermal insulation capacity, (blocks out cold).
  • Totally inert, (doesn’t degrade with time or conditions).
  • Light easy and safe to handle.
  • Easy to cut with sharp knife / fine tooth saw.
  • Resistant to tile, building cement and most other building compounds.
  • Water and damp proof.
  • High compression ratio. (minimum 30 tonnes, (yes tonnes!) per sqm)
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Excellent sound insulation, (reduces sound reverberation/impact sound).

Thermal Conductivity W/mK


Prevents heat loss

Thermal Resistance sqm/W


Blocks out cold

Nominal Density Kg/m3


weight of 1 cubic meter

Minimum / maximum compression strength KPa


A maximum of 30 metric tonnes, (yes tonnes!) can be placed on 1 square meter without damage

Water penetration (96 hours)




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