Underfloor Heating Cable Spacers

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Pack of 6 Underfloor heating cable spacers are the perfect solutionto lay the underfloor heating cable. The spacers are placed at either end of the room as anchor points. The cable is simply looped around each nodule maintaining the correct spacing through out the installation.


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Underfloor Heating Cable Spacers – Pack of 6 Wire Spacers.

Underfloor Heating Cable Spacers

Underfloor heating cable spacers for underfloor heating cable

Heating Cable Spacers measure 30.6cm x 3.5cm x 0.6cm. They make laying the heating cable extremely easy, as you can maintain even spacing between the heating cable. Not only does it evenly space your heating cable, but will also provide a height level for your self leveling compound or tile adhesive. The cable spacers are screwed down to your sub-floor and simply clip together end to end. Your spacer run can be as long or short as you need it.


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