Underfloor Heating Cable 100w

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Loose wire under floor heating cable kits are very versatile. And are ideal for awkwardly shaped areas. Unlike heating mats, the cable in each kit can be spaced accordingly to increase or decrease the coverage. To suit an area which is to be heated. The cable can also be laid around irregularly shaped obstacles to maximise floor coverage with ease. Multiple cables can be installed to cover large areas.

LARGE AREAS: Multiple mats or cables can be combined together to cover any sized area. For sizes > 21m/2 multiple cables can be used.
PLEASE NOTE: For loads over 16 amps additional thermostats or a relay snubber switch must be used.
IMPORTANT! All our electric underfloor heating systems must be run via suitable 'Fused Spurs'. Please consult an electrician if in doubt.
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Warm floor heating cable kits 100w/m2.

Roma Heating warm floor heating cables. The most advanced floor heating cable available to date. Unlike older PVC coatings on other cables. The new heating cables have a full dual Teflon coating. Making them thinner at only 2mm deep, tougher and easier to tile over and work with. The new cable also uses less adhesive or levelling compound.

An average rating of 100w/m2 at the square meterage you require. We do not recommend that you reduce the wattage of this specific cable. As its already at the lower wattage we recommend not going below (100w/m2). We would only suggest using this cable as a secondary heat source for a warm floor. For a primary heat source. we would suggest looking more at our 150w/m2 or 200w/m2 heating cables.

Warm floor guidance

Can be directly installed over a suitable concrete or wood sub-floor. And over an uninsulated concrete floor. We highly recommend that you install a suitable insulation. If possible the Insulation should always be laid first. As it will minimise the warm up time and will also maintain a very high efficiently rate of the subsequent heating cables.

You can then use this underfloor heating cable to simply warm the floor. Assuming that an 80% floor coverage is achieved by the heating cables.

Roma Heating Loose Wire Heating System Floor Build-up

Underfloor Heating Cable Spacers

underfloor heating spacers Exclusive to roma heating are our underfloor heating cable spacers. Which make the underfloor heating cable even easier to install. They act like anchors on either end of the room and allow the installer to maintain an even cable spacing through out the installation.

Teflon Coated advanced heating cable
Ultra Thin heating cable
Dual Core and fully earthed
Lifetime Warranty on heating cable
High Adhesion fixing tape included with cable
Full Fitting instructions and a Technical Help Line
Next working day delivery service
Technical Specification
Based on a 100w per square metre output
Operating Voltage 230/240V 50Hz
Double Insulated, fully sheathed and earthed elements
Cable width 2mm
3m Long cold/connection tails

Highly recommended with this system.


Stuck down with a flexible tile adhesive. The XPS Insulation boards. Adhere to a concrete or a wooden sub-floor. They have the same compression strength as the tile backer boards.

XPS Insulation Boards

Or. Tile Backer Boards. Can be screwed down to a wooden sub-floor with our tile backer board washers. Or stuck down with a tile adhesive to a concrete sub-floor.

tile backer board

Roma Heating Underfloor Heating Design Service
At Roma Heating we offer a free design service to make the whole process a little easier. If you would like a free quote or just a little more information please feel free to get in touch with us on 01803 316131. Our time and advice is free and we can recommend the best underfloor heating system for you.


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